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Ever wished you could change all of your titles and descriptions in one place without having to edit each page individually? The answer is the Yoast SEO Bulk Editor! “Yoast SEO” is the #1 SEO plugin on WordPress. It has so many benefits to help with SEO, but perhaps one of its most powerful aspects is the bulk editor. This tool allows you to quickly change titles and descriptions of your posts and pages without having to go into the editor for each page. In the this post (and in the video above) we show you where to find, and how to use the bulk editor tool in Yoast SEO. This tool can save yourself a ton of time when making changes to optimize your site for search engines.

Before we begin:

This tutorial assumes two things before we begin; that you have a WordPress site, and that you have already installed the Yoast SEO plugin. If you don’t have Yoast SEO installed yet, you can download either the free or premium version of the plugin here before we begin. (Note: for the purposes of this tutorial, the free version will suffice.)

Step 1 – Locating the Yoast SEO Tools:

Login into your WordPress dashboard and go to the side panel. Click on “Tools” located under the “Yoast SEO” section.

yoast seo bulk editor tutorial step-1

yoast-seo-bulk-editor-tutorial-step-2Step 2 – Locating the Yoast SEO Bulk Editor:

Click on the “Bulk Editor” link near the top of the content of the dashboard interface.

Step 3 – Using the Bulk Editor:

You are now in the bulk editor. It has two tabs for switching between editing titles and descriptions. Each tab functions the same, but affects the the data associated with the tab.

Every row corresponds to a page or post that is already on your website. The columns to take note of are the “Existing Yoast Meta Title/Description” column and the “New Yoast Meta Title/Description.”

Input your changes in the “New Yoast Meta Title/Description” field. You can make changes to multiple pages and save them by clicking “save all”. There you have it. A simple tool that can save you a ton of time.