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Web design Santa Rosa – Having a great website is great business. Your website is your primary presence on the web, and it is vital that you get it working for you to the best of it’s capabilities. We specialize in doing just that by making websites that not only look great, but also function great. There are several areas we focus on when creating websites for all of our clients, such as creating a mobile-friendly website design structure, utilizing the CMS WordPress for it’s variety and capabilities, designing for the user experience because they are our clients customers, and optimizing our designs and pages for SEO so the website can be found by our clients target audience. If you are located in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, or the Bay Area, we have got you covered!

Web Design Santa RosaResponsive Web Designs are the Future

In our ever changing technological age, having a mobile-friendly, device responsive website has never been more important. Recent studies have shown that over half of website visitors are now using some sort of mobile device. These are usually some sort of mobile phone or tablet.

Because the the variety of screen sizes, it is vital to have a website that looks and works great no matter what the size of the screen is. Google is even begginning to penalize websites in searches if they aren’t mobile friendly. We build website designs and structures to adapt to the size of the screen, and always look great and function well.

WordPress – The Open-Source Content Management System (CMS)

We build the majority of our web design projects utilizing WordPress, an open-source content management system. Because it is open-source, it has an ever expanding library of extensions that we can adapt to your website, you want to sell products on your website? There is an extension for that. Want to create a detailed donation applicaiton form? There is an extension for that.

The expansive library of extensions on WordPress cuts down the the time on the development side and helps keep our services cost-effective. WordPress, being a CMS, is also great for managing on page content. This allows us to train you or someone on staff to be able to make small changes to content, such as changing business hours for the holiday, or adding a blog article.

User Experience

All websites are built with the understanding that people are expected to use them. But how easy is the website to use? Can a potential user find what they are looking for? Are links where people expect them to be? These elements, and much more, contribute to what  is called the “User Experience”.

When you walk in retail stores, you have been trained to expect the men’s and women’s clothes to have their own sections, for the toys to be together, and to have cashiers in the front of the store near the exit. You rarely need to think twice about these things. But what if a store changed it all up? It would cause a considerable amount of frustration to the users. On the web it is even more vital to predict the users expectations because it only takes them a few seconds to click off of a website. That is why all of our web design projects are built with the user in mind.

SEO – Being Found on Google and other Search Engines

SEO and Web Design are two sides of the same coin. You have a website for people to use it, you optimize that website for search engines so people can find it. Over 60 percent of web page visits are coming from search engines like Google. All of our designs are built utilizing the most current SEO techniques, and we collaborate with you to optimize each page for searches your target audience is using.

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