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Power Your Brand with Radio Advertising

Radio is a persuasive medium for your brand. Radio ads can bring emotion and imagination to your customers which can incredibly improve brand awareness.

We can tell you:

  • The best number of ads to run
  • The audience size of each station’s demographics (in rated markets)
  • How much to pay for your ads
  • Which day-parts will work best
  • How many streaming ads to run
  • Which formats are best for your business
  • Which free or paid promotions you should consider
  • If you should you have live remotes
  • If your ad should be 15, 30, or 60 seconds long

Radio ads can improve your digital marketing ROI by branding your business. You can give away prizes, coupons and gift certificates. Also note that Radio works for the Hispanic market extremely well.

If negotiated properly, radio ads can reach potential customers for a very low cost. Let us negotiate on your behalf and leverage our 30+ years experience to get you the best campaign for your budget!

We have long term relationships with many of the best radio reps in the business. They have come through for us and helped us put together terrific low cost highly effective campaigns. Our commission is paid by the media and they don’t mark up for us, so you get our services FREE! And we’ll discount your digital if we produce your radio campaigns.



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