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Radio Advertising Santa Rosa

Radio Advertising Santa Rosa is one of the most effective ways to market your business, product or brand. Radio buying is complex and takes knowledge of the market area. Vinson Advertising has been in the Santa Rosa market for over 30 years. If you are looking to do radio advertising in Santa Rosa, contact us today and we’ll discuss potential campaigns and possibilities.

Creative in Radio Advertising Santa Rosa

We like creating ads that connect to people on an emotional level. When a listener is engaged emotionally, it keeps them tuned in. Comedy is one of the effective approaches we take, as it is much more efficient than the overused “laundry list” ads. Let’s work together to find a unique way to engage listeners and brand your company.

Santa Rosa Radio Market

We have been working with local businesses in Santa Rosa, and Sonoma County for over 30 years. We combine our experience and the latest research to build the best campaigns in smaller markets:

  • We find the right station to reach the highest number of potential customers for your industry.
  • We build SMART campaigns that create lasting brand identification. This means finding the the right amount of ads to get the best reach for your budget.
    • It could be more ads – It is better to hit 1,000 people 10 times than 10,000 people 1 time each
    • It could be less radio ads in this market, but adding a second media source to expand your reach – At a certain point your money would be more efficient in a second media choice to add to your reach.

We do the math and work hard to configure a schedule that has the perfect amount of reach and frequency for your budget.  

We’re Paid by the Media Source

We profit from commission, and it is paid from the Media. So you get our expertise free and save money at the same time. Plus, for our commission we discount our other services, such as, website design, graphic design, etc.

So if you searched “Radio Advertising Santa Rosa” look no further; we can help you with all of your needs.

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