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Radio Advertising Companies in US

Radio Advertising Companies in US

We handle many national and regional advertising campaigns. We endeavor to get you the best prices, low CPM’s (cost-per- thousands), find the right amount of ads to purchase and achieve the highest effective frequency for your budget. Radio buying is complex and takes a lot of skill to implement correctly. If you are looking for radio advertising companies in US contact us and we’ll discuss possibilities.

Radio Advertising Creative

We like emotional ads. Emotion keeps the radio listener tuned in. Comedy will work multiple times better than standard laundry list ads. I must have heard the phrases “knowledgeable friendly staff” and “Huge inventory” in over a couple of thousand campaigns now. Let’s find a different way to say those types of phrases.

Smaller Radio Markets

We love to work with the businesses in our local area and in many other smaller markets across the country.

The biggest mistakes that advertisers in smaller markets make are:

  1. They buy from the person they like.
    1. That’s great but what if that person’s station is not right for you.
  2. They buy too few ads.
    1. It is better to hit 1 thousand people 10 times than 10,000 people one time each.
    2. This is hard for smaller businesses to understand. They think, Wow, I’m spending too much on one station.”
  3. They buy too many ads.
    1. At a certain point your money would be more efficient in a second media choice to add to your reach.

We will do the math and configure a schedule that has the right amount of reach and frequency for your budget.  We work on commission and all media pays it. So you get us free and save money at the same time. Plus, for our commission we will discount other services for digital marketing, graphic arts etc.

So if you searched “Radio Advertising Companies in US” look no further; we can help you with all of your needs.

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