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B.R. Cohn Winery lives under the sun in the valley of the moon. They have been making small lot, vineyard designated wines since 1984. Nestled between Sonoma Mountain and the Mayacamas mountain range, the winery offers an inviting, relaxed environment for discovering new wines. The music they bring to the winery is spectacular. We’ve seen and shot video of The Doobie Brothers, The Turtles, Buddy Guy, Dave Mason and many more performers there. Their cabernets are my favorite in the world.
We shot mobile friendly video that would be triggered by a QR code on wine labels so a person could watch it in the store to learn more about the winery. Instead of focusing on the particular wine we told the romantic story of the winery itself to add glamour to each wine. We shot video and photography of wines and the winery to create 2 videos and stills.
Winery Photography
Bottle Photography
Vineyard and Olive Photography

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