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Healthcare Marketing | Vinson Advertising – Client Turner Eye Institute

The Turner Eye Institute was founded by Dr. Turner. He was one of the best surgeons in the country. Even other surgeons trusted him to do their own personal eye correction surgeries.

We  had Dr. Turner’s cost per lead down to $35 when the surgery was selling for $4,000.00. We negotiated and received very low rates for television, radio, and we created infomercials for them. We ran on the major Networks like KTVU, KPIX, KCBS and ran 30 minute infomercials on PAX Network. We showed the Sports director on KTVU (Mark Ibanez) surgery live on KTVU. Dr. Turner’s staff was very professional to work with.

LaserVue was also one of our clients in the healthcare and cosmetics profession. They are one of Northern California’s Top choices for
SMILE, LASIK, and Cataract Surgery.

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