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Achieve top of the mind brand awareness

Becoming one of the first businesses people think of when they consider your category is essential. We’ll help you get there.

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Incorporate other mediums into your digital plan

Digital media can have very low and targeted CPM’s (cost to reach 1000 people) for impressions. We run into a couple of problems here. One is that companies are starting to sell digital ads marked up to 10+ times more than they are worth.

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Incorporate Digital marketing into your media plan.

If your product is branded, adding digital media to your campaigns can have a very good ROI. We can target the folks most likely to purchase immediately at a very low CPM (cost per thousand people reached).

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Place the correct number of ads in each medium
  • what is the best number of times to hit your target customer (frequency).
  • how to buy the perfect amount of each media to brand your business or promote without overspending…..

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Pay the correct amount for your ads

With media math we can calculate:

  • your best CPM (cost to reach 1000 targets).
  • based on your best cpm what you should pay other media.
  • what the best percent……

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Save thousands of dollars a month by getting ranked on search engines

At Vinson Advertising, SEO is one of our specialties. All of our search engine optimization and search engine marketing begins with in-depth market analysis of all clients, where we target specific keywords…

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This short list is just the tip of the iceberg for media planning and buying. Hire professionals to media plan for you. Contact the cutting edge advertising agency, Vinson Advertising today. Consultation is free!



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