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Media Buying

Media Buying

I was naive when I started Vinson Advertising. As a result I thought the business world was fair and that the best idea would gain the business. I had lots of great ideas for ads and thought negotiating the prices to pay media would be professional and fun. And everyone would shake hands and smile at the end of each competition. lolI I knew little about media buying. 

A sales manager became my rep at his 4 stations. He was selling to me (and the clients for his personal ad agency on the side) at a high rate. He told everyone that I was going to do very well. When I found out from a potential client that I was paying much more per ad I created a reverse cost per thousand chart. So I figured out how much his ads were worth in comparison to other stations. Then, I met with him and very softly made him an offer that would lower my rate. He took it but he started telling everyone that I was a dirty grinder. That backfired as people began calling me and saying, “Hey, we need a dirty grinder and we heard you are it.” 

It was a bitter sweet victory but it helped me grow up. Call me whatever you want but give me the best rate you’ve got. 

Now Vinson Advertising is a full service advertising agency with over 30 years experience in media buying and planning. We specialize in procuring radio advertising spots, TV advertising spots, Google Adwords & much more.

Our experience in the industry allows us to know the “ins” and “outs” of each market. We spend the the time to make sure our clients maximize their reach with their budget. We go to bat for each of our clients and make sure they don’t overpay for spots for their ads.

We’ve seen buys by national agencies and were amazed at how much they paid for ads. In one case a top 3 soft drink company was at a rate 3 times higher than ours. Plus, their buy included a bad day part.


How can you compete if you’re letting your competitors get 3 times as many ads for the same budget? You just can’t. That is why our experience, and commitment to maximizing the budget of our clients, sets us apart in the media planning and media buying industry.

And I was partially right above; a great idea can definitely help get the business!

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