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The Power of a Simple Jingle

We have years of experience creating jingles for our customer’s needs. We collaborate with musicians ranging from “studio” to “very famous”.

Sonoma County Fair

Vinson Advertising has created 8 Sonoma County Fair jingle as of this date. This is the first one, “Ride the Wave”  

City of Santa Rosa Jingle

We created this jingle with David Laflame from It’s a Beautiful Day. I wrote it, David and I sing it, I play the guitars, and of course David plays the violin.  

This is a jingle we put together for Cains Tire in early 2016
This is a Jingle we created for Gene Birch in early 2016

We got to submit our idea for the national anthem for the Republic of Kosovo. We were told that we were in the top contenders but we didn’t get the final. Lot’s of fun and very exciting. Perhaps someone else will want to purchase this for their anthem (c).

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