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Leverage your Media Plan with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can close sales and generate leads with beautiful targeting and tracking results. It can be extremely affordable and you can target the exact demographics your business or products are designed for with every dollar spent. It can assist in building your brand and bring in leads at the same time. 

Digital Marketing

With Digital marketing you can target specific demographics, psycho-graphics, behavioral patterns and more in precise locations. Do you run a high-end women’s clothing store, and would like to market only to women in their 20’s-30’s within an 8-block radius from your location? We can do that!  Or maybe you sell a specialty item tailored to wine consumers, and would like to market to people in their 40’s+ who love wine? We can do that! With Digital Marketing, every dollar spent can target the exact audience you want to reach.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Keyword Targeting
  • Re-targeting – Advertise to people who have visited your site
  • Banner ad advertising – Target people with image ads on search or in websites. Example: Our casino places banner ads on poker.com in the casino’s geographical region.
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Campaign Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • And more

Because the options for marketing online can be overwhelming, we offer free consultation to help  determine which direction will be the best option for meeting your budget and goals.

We use analytics to track and measure the success of our online marketing efforts for our clients. Analytics enable us to make adjustments to fine-tune, and improve performance in ways that non-digital advertising never could.

We’ll help you implement your digital marketing plan correctly to assist in building your brand as well as make sales. We see many plans that completely ignore branding. That’s a big mistake. If you are not brand building and you are not making an instant profit on your digital marketing campaign you are completely wasting your marketing money. We’ll help you avoid this with a branding and good ROI plan.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Let us help you design and implement a great, successful online marketing campaign.


Digital Marketing Challenges

Digital marketing is complicated in the sense that there are so many opportunities and so many scams out there. As an example, a company was trying to get one of our clients (with multiple stores) to let them list them on 50+ directories for $3000 a month, with an annual contract ($36,000). We did it for a $1200 one time charge.


Hire a Dedicated Team to Help!

We have very successful strategies that we have used locally, regionally and nationally.

We’ll get you ranked in search and we’ll endeavor to achieve the lowest rates for clicks to your web site.

For one national client we achieved 648,237 impressions and 3,125 clicks per $210 spent. That’s  $0.07 per click. This was national so its easier to get lower click rates but we have many local successes as well.

We are completely devoted to helping your venture succeed. Our attitude is team and enthusiastic. We study the newest trends and advise our clients of the validity and of when or if to take advantage of them.

We have listed many banner ads on our graphic arts page. Please take a look or give us a call and we’ll consult with you and put a great plan together for you. Thanks for looking at us!



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