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Top of the Mind Brand Awareness – Science and Art.

The Science of Branding

People’s minds work like file cabinets. If someone asks, “Which movie did you watch last night?” you may not remember at first. Then, when you remember many of the details of the movie come to you. You’ll remember some of the script. If you want to remember a lot more of the script you’ll have to watch the movie 3+ times.  This illustrates branding.

If you are not in the first 1-7 businesses people think of when they consider your category it’s like being on the 10th page of Google search.

To demonstrate, how many toothpastes can you think of right now? Most likely you’ll stall at 4-5. If you think of different categories (like file cabinets)  each one could open up 3-4 more and you may get to seven +. Organic toothpaste would be a category. Whitening toothpaste would be another. In our testing most people will think of Crest and Colgate first. 

So the research and science of branding strongly suggests that we should try and make our businesses come to our potential consumers minds in the top 5 choices.  Number 1 is best. At least in the top 7. 

For buying advertising there is math for calculating the amount of ads to achieve this. Contact us and we’ll discuss it with you. 


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The Art of Branding

Yes, people’s minds work like file cabinets. And yes, if someone asks, “Which movie did you watch last night?” you may not remember at first (see the science of advertising above).

But the better the movie was the more likely you are to remember it without having to strain your brain.

Some of the great advertising people in history have used the science of advertising and have the philosophy of “tell them what you offer” enough and they’ll consider or choose you.

Others believe there is a shortcut or that consumers will remember you more with an artistic approach. This is where emotion comes in.  The name of the game is to find the right emotion for your business. The are many but I’ll only list 4 so I don’t have to strain myself; beauty, comedy, fear, and safety.  Engage people with creative and they’ll remember you much faster and reach out to you much more. If they remember your ads they’ll remember you. We can suggest ideas that don’t require a gargantuan budget but achieve an artistic delivery. We can also suggest some large investment ideas. Your choice. Sometimes the latter is better.

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